Documents to be legalized or apostilled?


We specialize in those regulatory formalities and process the fillings with the French « Cours d’Appel », Foreign Affairs Ministry and all Consular and Diplomatic Missions.
If need be these fillings can be sped up within 24 ou 48 hours.

What documents can be apostilled or legalized ?

Virtually all documents can be apostilled or legalized:
Passport, Identity card, Driving license, Birth, Marriage, Death certificates ….
Diplomas, transcripts, Certificates of incorporation, Articles of association, Certificates of good standing,Certificate of Free Sale, Certificates of Conformity, Trademarks,
Tax Documents, Customs, Automobile and Ship Registration etc ….


Express Services for the following countries:

United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Iran, Lebanon, Republic of China, India, Taiwan, Russia, USA, Cuba, Palestine, Israel

Apostille and legalization

When you have to provide a document in a foreign country to a notary, a bank, an administration, an employer…the recipient must be given valid proof of its authencity


To authenticate the document, as well as the signatures, stamps and seals it may bear, it has to be legalized, either through a simplified called “Apostille” for countries members to the Convention of La Haye, is by the departments of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs hen by the consular departments of countries addressees of the document.

Certification de documents

Some original documents might lose legal force if stamped over or if bearing an Apostille. This is the case for diplomas, quality certificates, passports, Free Sale Certificat…


In this cas, we take care of the provision of an officially certified copy that will be apostilled or legalized

Official translation by translators Experts in front of the Court of Appeal

The documents which must be translated are confided to Translators-expert approved by Courts of Appeal, only capable of delivering official translations. We assure this service in all the languages.


Our customers come from the whole world, they benefit from the same services attentive to their requests and instructions. Our sendings of documents are reassure by registered mails or by our reliable partner: DHL. You will receive your documents all around the world for the deadlines which will have been indicated to you.

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