Each visitor and customer declares to have read the terms and conditions and the legal notices and to subscribe to them without reserve after having read and approved the terms in their entirety and taken a copy of these terms.


We act as agents in legal and regulatory formalities, as such we do not provide any legal, fiscal or financial advice and we do not draft an act. Our clients are asked to take the advice of their usual counsel before ordering us for an intervention or a service.


Individuals with a project are particularly encouraged to consult with their usual council or an authorized council before taking on an intervention or a service.

The services and services are made from the interface of our websites, by mail, email, mobile phone, fax We do not receive customers at the headquarters of the company or other premises without a confirmed appointment, the reception of customers or future customers is the subject of a billing of one hour of intervention of which the amount is not lower than 300 Euros (three hundred euros) excluding VAT which must necessarily be provisioned and paid before the appointment you fixed.


We reserve the right to resort to external interveners for certain benefits, this faculty does not distort the conditions of the provision of benefits.


Finality of orders for services or interventions

Any request for benefits or intervention is considered firm and final, no request for cancellation or refund will be accepted and in case of waiver or abandonment by the customer, the fees and expenses paid will be fully retained by our society


Non-retraction of orders placed by the customer

The customer recognizes that the service to which he subscribes corresponds to a clearly personalized good. Therefore, and in accordance with the provisions of Article L 121-21-8, 3 °, he can not exercise his right of withdrawal


Professional RC – Confidentiality of interventions

We are insured for professional liability with AXA

The confidentiality of the interventions is ensured, no information is communicated to the thirds, the customers can submit us a commitment of the type NDA or commitment of confidentiality before any intervention.

Price from


The mention “from” indicates the minimum amount of invoicing excluding taxes and fees, according to the conditions reserved for professionals of the board. Fees and fees and expenses are calculated according to the nature of the services provided and according to the criteria of time, administrative competence and according to the nature of the documents entrusted to us, we do not publish a scale of fees but establish an estimate custom on request and without charge.

Payment of fees and travel expenses

Our fees are payable to the order in full, travel expenses are payable by provision and in advance according to a proposed package.
Prices shown are excluding vat (rate in effect on the invoice date) and excluding fees


Indicative deadlines

The delivery periods are indicative and non-contractual, they are indicated excluding public holidays and exceptional closures of the administrations and the competent services the deadlines are deducted from the day after the day of reception of the documents to be treated and reception of the totality of the payment of the fees taxes and fees charged. We do not accept any liability for delays caused by the administration services or loss of documents by the administration, or change of regulations in the course of delivery. As service providers, we are not subject to performance requirements. In case of loss of documents by the administration, the benefits will not be refunded but the procedure can be taken by our services free of charge, excluding stamps, taxes and consular fees that remain the responsibility of the customer.


Interventions within 48 hours

are subject to a special pricing based on a day of intervention with flat-rate travel expenses extra.
This “48 hours” service is subject to the rules of acceptance of formalities by the administrations and entails risks related to the hours of reception or the absence for leave or for training of the competent personnel, strike or exceptional closing of the services with which the formalities must be carried out.


Exclusive jurisdiction

Our services are intended for individuals and professionals or merchants, a natural or legal person acting as a director or agent of the company director or branch during training. Thus the exclusive attribution of jurisdiction to the Commercial Court of Paris can not be called into question for reasons of incompetence. In the event of a conflict and notwithstanding any clause to the contrary, the courts of Paris alone have jurisdiction.
In case of unpaid invoices, the debtors declare in advance to submit to any judgment taken in summary by the Commercial Court of Paris for the payment of sums due, compensation and damages to be paid in addition, immediate payment by provision.


Shipment of documents

The documents are sent to the address provided by our customers by registered post by registered post for France and all other countries. If customers pay a surcharge, shipments can be made through the service of our partner DHL according to DHL tariffs plus travel expenses at the point of collection. Our responsibility can not be engaged in case of loss or damage or delay in the routing, our mandate ending with the deposit of the documents to the services of the Post Office or DHL according to the option chosen by the customer and under its only responsibility.


Copyright, brands and models

This site is protected by copyright. Any copy, even partial, in French language or in a foreign translation constitutes an infringement punishable by criminal penalties. All trademarks belong to their respective owners.
The present site constitutes a model, a work of the mind with artistic and intellectual character, its reproduction in the identical or by inspiration of this model is prohibited under pain of sanction.
Photographs of non-contractual agencies – All rights reserved by their respective authors


RGPD – Protection and Data Processing

We would like to strictly respect the information that you communicate to us, essentially non-binding quotation requests for which we respect your anonymity by not requesting any data concerning you concerning your name and first name your sex, your age, your address, your nationality


Your email address is only intended to send you the quotes and contact requests, you will not receive any solicitation from us in the form of sending emailing campaigns
These emails are processed internally by our company, they are not exported, never assigned or accessible to third parties


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Categories of people concerned: The people who request a quote

Data collected: Email and nature of the requests formulated with the exception of any other indication to identify you


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