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Officially certified documents copies

Unique documents cannot be apostilled or legalized on the original, it is forbidden.

Thus, diplomas, family record book, passport, driving license, report cards, ISO certificates, various certificates… are apostilled or legalized on copies.

Document certifications obtained at a consular or diplomatic post are not recognized for the Apostille.

Some documents must first be certified by the Chamber of Commerce’s services, which verify the signatures.

This is not easy, but we support the official certification from the originals that you entrust to us, which will then be returned to you immediately by registered mail.

For the documents coming from the Registries, we can obtain certificates of incorporation, statutes, certifications of non-bankruptcy, etc., originals certified documents manually.


Certified translations

Certified translations are conducted by Judicial Experts, registered at the Court of Appeal where they practice.

We support the translation by ensuring the transmission and collection from the Judicial Experts.

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