Apostilles & Legalization

Authentication – Certified copies

Sworn translations

Legal documents from registrar

France legalization and apostille

French Apostilles are issued by several Court of Appeal according to a very strict procedure regarding conformity of documents and signatures.
The Apostille is issued for a specific country, after being registered, the Apostille is dated and numbered


Legalization & authentication

MOFA – Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Consulates

Countries that are not members of the Hague Convention must be legalized through a more complex process, commonly referred to as « double legalization.

First of all the Ministry of Foreign Affairs -MOFA – which checks the conformity of the documents and issues a first legalization by collecting a fee

It is then up to the country of destination to legalize the documents a second time according to the process in accordance with the law of the foreign country, taxes to be paid and several forms to be completed, sometimes translations into a foreign language as well as the certification of documents by the Chamber of Commerce….

When this second procedure is completed, the document is legalized, valid for the country of destination.

How do you know if you need to have a document apostilled or legalized ?

It is imperative to apply the regulations in force, this is our role, we apply the mandatory official procedure

Our customers need guarantees for these procedures

– The guarantee of our services by the company
– The contractual confidentiality of interventions NDA
– Professional services by specialists in a totally secure framework
– Assistance 7/7

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