The Hague Apostille: what is it?

On the initiative of The Hague Apostille Convention, a procedure was created for the recognition of documents moving to a foreign country.


The Apostille is a simplified legalization formality with the model generally being the same in all member countries.

Legalization or Apostille

How to do you know which procedure to follow?

The Hague Apostille Convention is a permanent assembly with headquarters at The Hague in The Netherlands, bringing together 150 countries.


For non-member states, documents are rather legalized by the Foreign Affairs Ministry and the Consulate of the concerned countries.

Certifications and authentications

Some documents cannot be modified, notably
Certificates, transcripts, family records, passports…
We certify official copies of all the documents using originals presented to us, which are sent back together with certified, apostilled or legalized copies.
Services for France, Duchy of Luxemburg, Belgium

Sworn Translations

We ensure the translation into all languages of documents apostilled, or legalized by expert translators who are registered in the list of Experts of the Court of Appeal in France, Luxemburg and Belgium

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